FAQ - Technical

What hardware do I need to use Cudy?

Students do not need any additional hardware other than their laptops/desktop with a microphone and a webcamera. Similarly, for tutors, they do not need any additional hardware. However, to add value to the class, tutors may consider investing in better quality webcameras and microphones, as well as a touchscreen laptop/desktop screen or a digital drawing pad for them to utilize applications that involves drawing or whiteboard features. Tutors can download the tutor handbook which will provide ...

Do I need a stable internet connection to use Cudy?

Basic and stable internet connection is required during online classes on Cudy. However, our virtual classrooms are designed in a smart way that mitigates the risk of disconnection or performance issues during live online lessons. Our system will be able to reconnect tutors and students during a lesson provided that they do not refresh the page.

I do not have access to a strong and stable internet connection

You might experience interference and latency during the lesson. Please ensure that you have a stable internet connection before connecting to a lesson.

What are the browsers that are supported by Cudy?

We currently only support Chrome and Firefox browsers.

I have a technical problem? Who can I speak to?

Log in to your account and contact our engineering team directly with the feedback form (https://app.cudy.co/feedback.php) which can be found in your Dashboard, under “Feedback”. Fill up the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible to clarify and/or fix the issue to serve you better.