FAQ - Features & Services

How does the ratings and reviews system work?

The ratings and reviews system is for students to give constructive feedback and share their opinions with other students about the class or the tutor. This helps to facilitate a more efficient and dynamic marketplace for tuition services. Students will be able to easily give ratings and reviews right after they have attended a lesson and amend their ratings and/or reviews at any point in time after. Students will also be able to upvote or downvote other students’ reviews by clicking the up or ...

How is the ratings and reviews system managed?

The team at Cudy aims to ensure that only fair ratings and reviews are given, and that the system is not abused or misused. Our team will review appeals made by tutors if the rating or review is perceived to be unfair. We will refer to the rating and review rubrics that are provided to both tutors and students to make a judgement if the rating or review should be taken down. Our team will enforce the fair usage of the rating and review system to protect the interests of both tutors and students....

Do all users have a public profile?

At the moment, only tutors are given a public profile to make it easy for students and parents to find them on the platform.

I am unable to see/access tutors' public profiles.

If you are a student or a parent that is not logged in to Cudy, you would not be granted permission to view any tutors’ public profile. You must first register and log in before you are able to view tutors’ public profile. This is to ensure that all users consent to our terms of use on our platform to protect tutors’ displayed profile information. However, tutors will not be able to view other tutors’ public profiles, and hence will not have a link to other tutors’ public profiles that students...

I am a tutor. What does the analytics feature do?

Tutor Analytics is a free tool for tutors to use to help them keep track of useful student data such as their class bookings and profile interactions (e.g. conversion rates, potential earnings, current earnings) to help them understand their students better and to make improvements on how they market themselves and strategise on how they can get more students to enrol in their classes. You can find out more about tutor analytics in your Tutor’s Dashboard, “Analytics”.

Who are the tutors on Cudy?

There are three classifications of tutors on Cudy: independent tutors, specialized tutors and contracted tutors (tuition centre).

What kind of academic subjects are listed on Cudy?

Our tutors cover almost every academic subject on Cudy. If you cannot find the subject that you are looking for, let us know! Our team will assist you in finding a suitable class.

Are the lessons one-to-one or in groups?

The question should be: “What do I prefer?” It depends on what a student prefers or is comfortable with. We allow all tutors to decide on the size of their classes from one to fifty students per lesson. On Cudy, we support both personalised and group lessons.

I am a tutor. How can I start listing classes?

As a tutor, you can easily start listing classes anytime! Simply log in as a tutor, go to your Dashboard, and select “New Class” and fill up the form and voila, your class is listed. Tutors will be able to renew their class term easily if they are continuing the same class with the same batch of students, once they have finished their first 4 or 8 lessons with the auto-renew class feature.

I am a tutor. How do I know if a student has booked a trial or has enrolled for my class?

Tutors will receive an email notification to let them know that a new student has booked a trial or has enrolled in the class. The lesson capacity under the tutor’s listing will also be updated and filled accordingly. Tutors can also check their listings in their Dashboard under Managed Classes and Tutor Analytics.

I accidentally listed the wrong class. How can I delete it?

Tutors are not able to delete the classes that they have listed. Please contact us at [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) if you wish to delete a listed class and we will process it for you.

Is there a handbook or a guide for me?

All tutors who sign up will receive a Tutors’ manual providing all the information that tutors would find useful when using Cudy. Tutors can get access to it by signing up and it will be sent to your registered email. Do make sure to check your spam inbox. We are still developing a manual for students and we hope to get it into the hands of students soon!